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Works in Progress

Ongoing research

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Jahan, I., Bologna Pavlik, J., and Young, A. T. Do Longer Constitutions Corrupt?

Jahan, I. Do constitutions matter? A causal relationship between constitutional rights and growth.

Jahan, I. Can constitutional changes and economic freedom predict future economic performance? - A machine learning approach.

Jahan, I. Informality, Institutions, and Gender: An Empirical Analysis.

Jahan, I., and Geloso, V.  Assessing the Impact of Universal Childcare on Women’s Labor Supply in Quebec.

Shonchoy, A. S., and Jahan, I. Online-based female entrepreneurship in social media platforms in Bangladesh.

Martin, A., Bologna Pavlik, J., and Jahan, I. Economic Freedom and Agricultural Productivity.

Works in Progress: List
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